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Keeping Alive the Passion for Peace and Justice

Disciples Peacemakers raise the consciousness of peace both nationally and locally in Kansas City.  This peace and justice group of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) works with others to promote and advocate for the cause of peace.

Upcoming Meetings

Also go to www.peaceworkskc.org to find out what is going on in Kansas City
A new day caught in the poems of UNPRECEDENTED

[A]Biden Says, “Bye Don”


Only a few fragile leaves

Held hands with bare arms

Of majestic maples

Changing colors

In the annual display

Of the Fall season


Four days on a Saturday

After the election count

Pennsylvania hired Joe

Closing down the dark days

Of the Trump presidency

Letting light filter

Through the naked skeletons


The stress succumbed

To relief as throngs of people

Poured out dancing in the streets

A new day was declared

Aspiring to tall trees

Holding their heads high

Like steeples shouting

Their prayers to the heavens.



(On occasion when the Fall election of November 3, 2020 filtered the nightmare of America’s ordeal with a confluence of seventy million chaotic disagreements, over 100,000 record number of Covid–19 cases and a huge intake of oxygen relief)







3/3/19 . Annual Meeting for PeaceWorks, 2 - 4pm, Simpson House, near All Souls UU church.

2/21/19  Pat Elder to speak on military recruitment.

3/21/21 Kevin Kamps to speak on plan to transport nuclear waste.

9/21/19 UnPlaza Art Fair at Southmoreland Park, 10 am. 5 pm. Stop by the PeaceWorks booth..

    Come Celebrate Peace on Earth Day!  PeaceWorks isthrowing a party for the earth.  Enjoy food, music, and info on getting active in the local peace network.  RSVP (0ptional) on Facebook at PeaceWorksKC

TBA  Shut Down Creech! Personnel at Creech Air Force Base, 35 miles from Las Vegas, send killer drones by remote control to Mideast targets. This event combines a drone war teach-in, personal sharing by former military members, and a protest against drone warfare. Contact: 816-878-3185.

TBA,  Fly Kites, Not Drones, 2 pm rally at the entrance to Whiteman Air Force Base, near Knob Noster, MO, site of remote control of drones. Keynote speaker: Joy First. Carpools leave at 12:15 pm from All Souls UU Church & 912 E. 31st St., KCMO. Contact: 913-206-4088.

5/30, Mon., Memorial Day Walk/Ride/Die-In beginning at 8 am at Bannister Federal Complex (BFC), heading along Holmes to Mo. Hwy. 150, reaching Prospect and Hwy. 150 by 11 am, walking final mile to entry of National Security Campus (NSC) by noon. Why the die-in? To expose the dangers of nuclear weapon production, formerly done at BFC and now at NSC. Contact: 913-206-4088.

8/6, Sat., Hiroshima/Nagasaki Remembrance, at Loose Park, 53rd St. & Wornall Road, KCMO; 6:30 pm potluck, 7:30 pm program. Contact: 816-561-1181.

9/21-22, Sat.-Sun., UNplaza Art Fair, PeaceWorks’ annual fundraiser, at All Souls UU Church. Needed: new artists! Contact: 816-561-1181.

New Book on peace, A Room Full of Shadows, See last page...




So quick to destroy

What takes so long

To build up

   Like a two-year old

   Knocking down blocks

   Just to hear them crash


So goes the White House

   These days of deconstruction

     That takes away

         The non-profits

             Of concern for the poor

In favor of a business operation

   That makes money for the rich

     By piling money into the military

         And ignoring, even assaulting

         the welfare of the people

And if this was the agenda

   Of the conservative

   How do they live with themselves

     Knowing that it looks selfish

         Even sneaky and dishonest

           To out-maneuver the resistance

           By avoiding questions

               That disclose the truth


The divisions are painful

   The ethics of the greater good

     Are lost in superficiality

The forces of fear push away

   The gentler persuasion of love

     So it seems so it seems

Violence doesn’t always prevail

Enough people can turn about

     The destruction of the climate

         Or save a nation from ruination

     But this is our hope, a fragile hope

       Like a last-second basketball shot

       So close but it’s not just one game

We are still given another chance

   If we are spared from the nuclear option

As the Good Book reminds us

   To choose life over death

   As long as we breathe our next breath.


(On occasion when the Affordable Health Care was spared repeal without a good replacement under the Trump assault upon government on Mar. 24, 2017)



cry(On occasion of wondering why guns are treasured by the addicts of fear who wonder how we have a climate of gun violence, certainly stormy weather conditions of alarming statistics, i.e.,100.000 victims every year, 32,000 fatalities, 89 people dying each day) 3/6/16







"We are striving to keep the passion of peace alive..."



Guest Book

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You can also join the network of Protest Chaplains  http://protestchaplainskc.9k.com/  or interact on Facebook. 

Check out the book by Faust on the last page.


A Room Full of Shadows

Ronald L. Faust

Kansas City DPF Activities

Small in numbers but long on compassion, the local DPF chapter is currently convened by retired-pastor-active-peacemaker Dr. Ron Faust and meets monthly from September through May.  Typical activities include

*       Annual citywide Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration 2nd Sunday of January  

*       Annual citywide Festival for Justice and Peace

*       Annual September 11 “From Pain to Peace” service of healing and hope

*       Promote Peace Sunday observances

*       Raise awareness of local, national, and international causes such as Iraqi refugees in Kansas City, Hope Flowers School in Bethlehem, and the plight of immigrants.

*       Collaboration with local peace organizations such as PeaceWorks, Iraq Task Force, American Friends Service Committee, Christian Peacemaker Teams, Interfaith Worker Justice, Immigration Justice Advocacy Movement, and Citizens for Justice in the Middle East.

*      Designate the Living Witness Award and Shalom congregations from time to time.